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Oil & Gas and Pipelines


With over 25 years experience designing HVAC system for the oil & gas, pipelines , and petrochemical buildings 

We understand the need to keep critical processes running and aware of specialized needs of these critical infrastructure like hazardous and corrosive chemicals, air quality, ventilation, pressurization, redundancy, space restrain, remote operation, automation, control and monitoring system and integration


HVAC for Oil& Gas Facilities
HVAC for Mining Facilities

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential for power plants to maintain comfortable and safe working conditions for employees, protect sensitive equipment from heat and humidity, and ensure optimal performance of the plant.

The HVAC systems for power plants are typically designed to meet specific requirements based on the size, type, and location of the plant. Some of the key considerations when designing HVAC systems for power plants include:

  1. Heat load: Power plants generate a significant amount of heat, which must be removed to maintain safe working conditions and prevent damage to equipment. HVAC systems must be designed to effectively remove this heat.

  2. Air quality: Power plants generate a variety of pollutants, including dust, ash, and sulfur dioxide. HVAC systems must filter out these pollutants to maintain safe working conditions and protect sensitive equipment.

  3. Humidity control: Excessive humidity can damage sensitive equipment and create an uncomfortable working environment for employees. HVAC systems must be designed to control humidity levels within the plant.

  4. Energy efficiency: Power plants consume a significant amount of energy, so HVAC systems must be designed to minimize energy consumption while still meeting the plant's requirements.

Power Plants 


Mining contains many of the most potentially hazardous environments in any industry. Extracting resources from the ground creates an extremely dusty environment. In many cases, the fine powder can collect in areas around buildings and electrical equipment enclosures. Caution must be used to ensure minimal or no ingress of those fine particles into the buildings and enclosures. Our HVAC design can help ensure you are meeting the safety requirements for surface installations as well as improve the life of costly components through corrosion resistance. To combat this harsh atmosphere, we offer HVAC design specifically for mining applications 

Mining & Resource Extraction 


HVAC for Power Plants

Water, Wastewater, and Sewage Treatment 

HVAC for Water and Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment applications contain some of the most corrosive environments on the planet, due to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Potentially combustible levels of methane can also create an explosion hazard, forcing the need for corrosion-resistant, explosion proof HVAC design and equipment selection. 

Water treatment plants generate a variety of odors, gases, and contaminants, so HVAC systems must provide adequate ventilation to remove these pollutants from the air and maintain safe working conditions for employees.

Pulp and Paper 

We understand that the paper industry requires a high degree of reliability and performance regarding maintaining critical temperature and humidity levels in locations such as:  Machine control centers, Switchgears, Electrical control rooms, Computer control centers, Operator control pulpits, Labs and office space .

We design HVAC system considering specified challenges of the industry like , corrosive environment  (sulphorous gases, lime and chlorine),extreme temperature (-40 DegC to +55 DegC), high humidity, extreme levels of air-Latent particulates (paper, dust, woodchips) and excessive vibration

HVAC for Pulp and Paper
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